If you’re looking to halt the development of new wrinkles and reduce the appearance of existing ones, Botox anti-wrinkle injections are an incredibly effective solution. The treatment is typically used to treat common problem areas, such as crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, to create beautiful, younger looking skin.

Following the treatment, results can typically be seen within a week or two and can last between three and five months. We offer our clients a free follow up a consultation to ensure they’re completely happy with the results.

We’re also seeing a rise in popularity of the treatment in younger people, with a procedure commonly known as “baby Botox”. This is used as a pre-emptive measure to help avoid the early signs of ageing and keep the face wrinkle-free.

At Ooh La La Hair and Beauty we prioritise customer experience and aim to provide a diverse range of quality beauty treatments to our clients in Epsom. Our dedicated and friendly staff will work with you to ensure you get the results you want from your treatments and will make sure you leave us looking and feeling your best. We aim to stay up to date with the latest beauty treatments to help give our clients and enjoyable and invigorating experience with us.

Our partnership with the team at White Swan Aesthetics allows us to provide a wider range of aesthetic facial treatments, including dermal fillers and Botox, in the Epsom area. The White Swan team have extensive experience in facial anatomy and beauty treatments and offer excellent results for their clients. We’re pleased to be able to offer these treatments to our clients.