Profhilo – The Newest Non-Surgical Facelift

Profhilo, one of the latest advances in medical aesthetics, is produced by the well-known and respected company IBSA. While treatments like dermal fillers add volume and plump the target area, Profhilo works by tightening the skin. This helps improve skin quality and smoothes fine lines and facial wrinkles.
The hyaluronic acid in the skin is lost gradually as we get older. Profhilo works by replenishing what has been lost naturally, allowing the body to regenerate more effectively and revitalises the texture of the skin. We liken the process to using a powerful skin cream from the inside.
We use a special 5 point technique with Profhilo which produces the effect of a natural, non-surgical facelift.
The treatment process involves two treatments, performed a month apart. A third can be performed 2 months after the second treatment, and you can maintain the results by repeating the treatment once every six months.

Skin Boosters

We offer Restyane skin booster treatments to improve skin hydration, helping give the skin a natural freshness and glow. The process leaves the skin firmer and more elastic, ultimately producing and overall radiance. It can also be an effective treatment for acne scarring.
We typically recommend 3 treatments, performed between 2 and 4 weeks apart. Treatment areas are the face, neck and hands.