LipoSculpt Inch Loss Systems

Treatment List

LipoSculpt is the only machine on the market which offers a Dual Frequency. Twelve Paddle system with an incredible 136 laser diodes, meaning shorter treatment times as more than one area can be treated at a time.

The science is the same and works on the same system that has made Laser Lipoloysis the most revolutionary fat bursting and inch loss system ever made.

The LipoSculpt system is the result of months of product development and testing and now we are ready to prove just how amazing all of our hard work has proved to be. It is non-invasive, completely painless with absolutely no surgical procedure, therefore, no recovery time or health risk.

You could literally have a treatment during your lunch break and go straight back to work.

Tests have shown up to an astonishing size loss of 16 inches over a course of 8-10 treatments, that’s about two dresses sizes smaller! How’s that for a special treat before you go on holiday, get married or attend any other function where you want to look and feel good?!

Which areas can we treat?

LipoSculpt works great on stomachs, hips/love handles, thighs, upper and lower back, arms, mummy tummy, double chins, above knee areas, ankles, male breasts.

You can apply the LipoSculpt system to almost anything, including; inch loss skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks and pre/post liposuction contouring.